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James Bennett's Latest Book Is Available Now!!!
Via Christus
This small book (just 88 pages) will challenge the reader to consider a new vision of the Bible. Via Christus (The Way of the Christ) presents full-color art reproductions which include twenty-four paintings that are based on stories from the New Testament of the Christian Bible together with twelve additional verses rendered in calligraphy. The twenty-four paintings, which are the main theme of the book, were inspired by key events in the life and teaching of Christ, the work of the apostles, and the prophesies within the book of Revelation. These paintings are not your typical Bible illustrations but, in actuality, mystic visions of New Testament teachings for today's questioning minds. This artwork should inspire a new understanding of the truth embodied in the Christ consciousness -- God is within every one of us and we are all one!
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The 2020 event, our sixth year, is transitioning to an online experience due to the unusual circumstances.


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